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iTUNES RADIO has launched in Australia.  The free service is available to all iTunes customers across the Apple platforms and gives you access to 100+ radio stations, exclusive tracks and album releases, iTunes sessions, live streaming of performances, curated playlists organised by genre, full album streams and is programmed to predict songs you might like based on what you've listened to and downloaded!   Avoid the ads by signing up to iTunes Match and paying a yearly subscription.

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Our Cause

Looking for a charity to support that will use your donation wisely and not spend it on exhorbitant marketing directors fees or admin costs?  Look no further. Children In Crossfire supports children less fortunate than ourselves. By partnering with people on the ground Children In Crossfire is able to ensure that  85% of all the money they receive (yes 85%!!) supports the projects they are so passionate about, 14% is spent on fundraising and publicity, leaving 1% to cover costs (yes 1%!!) The charity was founded by Richard Moore.  Richard was a child caught in crossfire himself, whilst running home from…