David Bowie and Elvis Presley now hold the UK Record for most simultaneous entries in the UK's Top 40 Album Chart.   David Bowie currently has 12 albums in the Top 40. 

Sadly the record is due to the untimely death of both legendary artists.   Elvis died in 1977 and Bowie on 10th Jan 2016.    



The Higher Regional Court of Munich has ruled that YouTube is not liable for copyright infringing content and that responsibility lies with the individual uploaders.

A German court last year upheld a decision that YouTube and other services are only accountable for blocking videos that infringe copyright once they have been notified.

GEMA (German collection society for songwriters) claim that YouTube is a music service and as such should be paying a licence fee.   YouTube generates advertising income that is not passed on to the songwriters. 



Coachella Music & Arts Festival has filed a lawsuit in the US against underground LA based music event Hoodchella to change its name, alleging trademark and service mark infringement, dilution, unfair competition, cybersquatting (use of hoodchella domain name) and false desigation of origin.

Hoodchella plans to run an event for 3 days this year (April 8th - 11th) one week before Coachella's Festival.  Coachella are seeking an injunction to stop the Hoodchella Festival and damages.